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Candle Holders are used to reflecting the style of the candle. These Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are manufactured by Premium Quality Salt mined from the Mountains of Himalayas. They are often one of the first things a customer sees when shopping for candles. They help focus the look of the candle while also keeping the quality of the wax consistent.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

The Saltpur has two types of Candle Holders mainly.

Natural Candle Holders are made from natural ingredients such as Himalayan Salt Crystals are 100% natural, mined from the Himalayan Mountains. We have every shape of beautiful Candle Holder for sale such as; Heart Shape Candle Holders, Dice shape, Drum Shape, Himalayan Salt Double Heart Candle Holder, Star Shape Candle Holder, Ying Yang Candle Holder.

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Candle Holders provides a peaceful environment to your living or working spaces. When a candle is lit, its quality will vary depending on how much salt it contains. The more salt it contains, the higher the heat is put into the candle, and that can change the shape, colour, and even the smell of the candle.

Uses of Candle Holders

Most people use to decorate their dark rooms with these Crystal Candle Holders. Some of these Dark Rooms are as under:

  • These Candle Holders can be used while taking a candlelight dinner so that these candle holders provides a romantic environment in between a loving couple or a Happy Family.
  • These Candle Holders can be decorated around your bathtub or Sauna Rooms. So these Candle Holders provides a peaceful evening shower experience by releasing the whole day’s tiredness & fatigue.
  • These Candle Holders can be used in Massage Rooms. So that you can take a stress-free massage in a dark and peaceful environment.


The Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are often used to reflect the appearance of candles. These Salt Candle looks more beautiful as compared to other ordinary or plain candles.


Salt stands are a great way to enjoy candles as well as better quality wax. By being aware of the benefits of salt stands, you can decorate your darkroom corners with these little candle holders. In this way, you can reduce your anxiety or your mental tensions. Additionally, salt stands are also great for appearance.