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Hollywood Style Brightening Diamond Combo


Brightening Diamond Combo is made with pure diamond dust, concentrated fruity glycolic acid, baking soda, and other exotic herbs. This advanced formula effectively helps reduce hyperpigmentation, melanin, dark spot, acne marks and age spots. Skin will be extremely radiant, fairer and brighter.

Hollywood Style Charcoal Black Combo


Charcoal Black Combo is made with activated carbon, natural charcoal, powerful salicylic acid, plant extracts, concentrated multi-fruity acids and rich antioxidants. This natural and extremely strong formulation effectively deep-cleans pores, removes blackheads, sebum/oil buildup, dead skin, and impurities for a clearer and luminous complexion.

Hollywood Style Tight Skin Coffee Combo

Tight Skin Coffee Combo is made with real coffee bean extract, strong caffeine, Panax ginseng, concentrated fruity glycolic acid and other exotic herbs. This formula effectively helps remove dead skin cells and impurities, diminish fine lines, and tighten pores. Skin will be firmer, smoother and softer.

Hollywood Style Wrinkle Gold Combo


Wrinkle Gold Combo is blended with colloidal gold, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin, which helps deliver intense hydration for a more youthful appearance. This lavish, pampering treatment helps reduce the lines and wrinkles. Skin will be silky smooth, firmer, radiant, revitalized, and younger-looking.

Hollywood Style White Plus Combo


White Plus collection is a luxurious formula made with rejuvenating natural vitamins, soothing fruits, and brightening exotic herbs. The Hollywood Style Saltpur Combo Pack is a set of five products, each one made with a unique purpose to give you the most effective skincare routine. The Face Wash is great for oily skin, the Peel Off Mask helps to absorb excess oil and remove dead skin cells from the pores, the Clay Mask reduces pore size and balances sebum secretion, the Cream restores moisture and nourishes dry skin, while + all-natural clay for intense exfoliation.