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Himalayan Salt Neti Pot

Himalayan Salt Neti Pot is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial by nature, so it sterilizes and cleanses sinus tissues and helps to heal infections naturally,

Himalayan Salt Crystal Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Crystal Inhaler reduces and thins mucus to decongest lungs, making it easier to breathe, the highest quality product and easy to use.

Inhaler & Neti Pots

You can enjoy the benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt by using the Himalayan Salt Inhaler and Himalayan Salt Neti pots.

This Inhaler and Neti pots made from Himalayan Salt Crystals are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial by nature. It’s the highest quality product and easy to use, Providing you many health benefits, A simple and natural way for better health.