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Cooking on Pink Himalayan Salt Block is a relatively new idea that is being popular immensely nowadays. It has been a trend in restaurants for a decade as well as being popular amongst the home chefs. This is all due to the mild salty and special texture it lends to food. It is widely used for grilling, Braai, BBQ, meat, pork and other seafood dishes due to its efficiently high-temperature conduction properties.

These beautiful Salt blocks are setting new trends for seasoning your food.

Let’s Discuss The Salt Block Products offers you a variety of value-added Salt block products made of natural Himalayan salt.

  • Cooking Blocks
  • Block Holders
  • Salt Bowls
  • Serving Blocks
  • Block Gift Packs

Cooking Blocks

Himalayan salt cooking blocks may be used for grilling on the stovetop or in the oven to bake cookies. For their different application, Saltpur brings cooking slabs in different shapes and sizes for the convenience of their customers. Carry bags and salt block scrubber brush to keep your salt block clean.

We have different types of Himalayan salt block for sale.

Block Holders

Saltpur also provides you with a variety of stainless steel block holders in order to transport your salt blocks between your cooking place & your table or spice box. These Salt Block Holders are manufactured with premium quality stainless steel. So these stands resist themself from rust & are easy to carry or store the salt blocks without any breakage.

Salt Bowls

The Himalayan Salt Bowls are manufactured by Pink Himalayan Salt crystals full of natural minerals. These salt bowls are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & having incredibly health beneficial. These bowls are also available in two different sizes. We also provide an extra wooden stick for grinding.

Serving Blocks

Salt Blocks are not only used for cooking, you may also serve meals on them. Shot glasses are also manufactured to serve beverages. These Shot glasses are full of natural minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Iron, etc. These natural minerals salt glasses provide you with a healthy as well as full of cheerful salty flavour to your favourite drinks.

Salt Block Gift Packs

We also provide our customers Himalayan Salt Cooking Book by Salty Sistas. There are full-coloured photographs of recipes made by the professional cooking expert as well as clicked by professional photographers. On the other hand, Platters of different shapes and sizes made by Pink Himalayan Salt crystals or bowls provides you with countless opportunities to create recipes & represent them in a unique way.