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Himalayan Salt Wholesaler Section

Seeking for an unprocessed, flavourful salt which additionally delivers exciting health advantages? Our HSL SALTPUR Pink Himalayan salt is without a doubt the finest salt found on the planet. Therefore, when it comes to wholesomeness along with mineral content, there is absolutely no other salt compares. Acclaimed by health and culinary gurus for hundreds of years, Himalayan Crystal Salt provides several healing benefits to your body, including decrease hypertension, boosting detoxification in the body, and also circulation.

Being a direct manufacturer, importer, and distributor, we have some of the lowest wholesale pricing in the industry. The most important point, however, is that our products are of the utmost highest quality – guaranteed authentic Himalayan. We currently supply stores across the nation & neighbor countries. Because of our great pricing strategy and high quality, we require that any retailer interested in selling our products has a South African ID number or valid PASSPORT with a valid permit. If you are a valid retailer and you have the proper credentials, click the “Register” button below.

**Please note that if you were on our wholesale list before, completing the link below may not resend you the required information. In that case, you must email us at sales@saltpur.co.za with your reseller credentials and we will send you the wholesale information manually.

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