Recently, I was tasked with writing a piece on Big Pharma, aimed at scrutinizing their takeover of the natural medicine market. I thought, “Yes! This is my chance to hold them accountable for how they’ve let me down in life.” But fate had other plans.

The Unexpected Toothache

A few days later, while preparing this piece, I found myself at the dentist’s office, seeking treatment for a small filling mishap. Little did I know, this visit would lead me back into the embrace of Big Pharma.

The Toothache Chronicles

I’ve endured broken knees, ankles, a battered nose, and more than 50 gallbladder attacks. I even battled gangrene in my legs. Yet, nothing compares to the excruciating pain of a broken tooth. It was then that I reluctantly turned to Schedule 5 Pharma drugs as my last resort. These medications granted me the ability to stand up, move about, and finally write this piece.

“11 years ago I was given 6 weeks to live. Big Pharma couldn’t help.” – Brett Austin

The Toothache Chronicles

Let’s rewind 11 years. At that time, I received a grim prognosis: just six weeks to live. Big Pharma had no answers for me, and I began to suspect their involvement in my deteriorating health. This pivotal moment pushed me toward natural medicine, a life-altering choice I’ll forever cherish. One might expect this experience to cement my stance against Big Pharma and fuel my desire to expose their shortcomings. But is it that straightforward?

Our current dilemma stems from our collective surrender of power to peers and authorities who shape the rules governing our lives. These regulations, some beneficial, others detrimental, impact us all. While a regulatory framework is necessary, we should be questioning the underlying motives behind these rules.

Some argue that these rules primarily serve to enrich Big Pharma, while others suggest they aim to sideline small-scale growers and traditional medicine practitioners. But fundamentally, these rules exist to safeguard the general population.

Big Pharma wields immense influence, but only because we, the populace, allow it. We unwittingly support them daily. The responsibility for this predicament lies with us, not solely with Big Pharma. We permit ourselves to become reliant on Big Pharma’s products, and we rarely challenge the status quo.

Size Matters

The establishment stands as a formidable monolith, not easily contested. If all natural medicine practitioners unite under a common banner, we could amass the strength to confront these giants on their own turf. As Hippocrates wisely proclaimed, “Let food be thy medicine.” When we all adopt this philosophy, Big Pharma’s power will wane. Viva la Revolution!

In the interim, remember that karma operates without exception, balancing the cosmic scales for all participants in this intricate game. Those playing an unsavory role will ultimately face repercussions, while those pursuing the path of good will find abundant restitution. To echo the words of the “Good Book,” “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

I firmly believe that there’s a place for everyone in this world, and we should avoid resorting to warfare. Instead, let’s learn, seek understanding, and collaborate wherever possible.

To be the change you wish to see in the world means shedding all that no longer serves you personally. Not everyone grasps this concept yet, but with grace and understanding, we can craft an incredible adventure in this world, each of us responsible for creating our own unique narrative.

By Brett Austin

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