Nature brims with life, energy, and resources, offering us the essentials for both life and vitality. Through conscious or subconscious choices, we can influence our well-being.

Strengthening Your Body’s Resilience

A potent approach to combating chronic illness lies in fortifying the body’s defenses, aiding the immune system in purging poisons and toxins. Remember, your entire body serves as your immune system.

Every ailment traces its roots to the accumulation of improper thought patterns and unconscious dietary habits. Understanding the human body is as straightforward as this. When seeking change, the transformative force begins with none other than yourself.

The Power Of Self-Control

On my personal journey to natural healing, I had to master patience, the right thought patterns, body detoxification, and, above all, perseverance. The human body replaces all of its cells every 198 days, a little over 6 ½ months. It possesses the inherent ability to heal itself from the moment we resolve to nurture it. Modern medicine practitioners haven’t forgotten this truth; they simply haven’t been educated about it comprehensively. Thus, they lack a profound understanding of how everything in the body interconnects. The ideal starting point for reclaiming your health is right on your dinner plate.

Everything you ingest either contributes to your healing or exacerbates your suffering. Your body holds the truth, recognizing what you need even when you might not. Sadly, we often mistreat it unconsciously, our inability to listen causing harm. The body must follow the dictates of the mind; that’s its function. However, the mind slumbers, misprogrammed by the ego, and the spirit watches the ensuing chaos unfold gracefully until you hit rock bottom.

The Power Of Self Control

Seek And You Shall Find, Ask And You Shall Receive

We all reach a breaking point, a moment when we declare “enough is enough” and embark on the journey of self-healing. To truly understand yourself, dedicate an hour each day to stillness. Sit down, clear your mind, and simply be present – with your body, ego, mind, spirit, and the universe.

Ask questions, and answers will reveal themselves. Seek healing, and it will find its way to you. The Natural Elixir brand emerged from moments of stillness and the quest for healing. Forced into stillness, I discovered how nature, despite having both beneficial and detrimental aspects, allows us to have these unconscious experiences.

We are all bundles of energy in motion, and nature is energy in motion, comprising nutrients, sunlight, pure water, and life’s healing frequency. When you grasp this, you will make conscious choices with every meal, nurture your body with mindful decisions, and grow increasingly attuned to your body’s signals. Above all, you’ll become more mindful of the words you utter about your body and their profound impact.


All healing commences in the mind. Your body will communicate its needs when you lend an attentive ear. Your spirit will direct you to Mother Earth’s NATURAL ELIXIRS, and your ego will thank you. A sound mind, a healthy body, and a vibrant spirit illuminate a splendid journey on this magnificent planet as we sail through the universe.

With warmth,

Brett Austin

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