Natural Health is a concept that often goes against the grain in the pharmaceutical industry. But, in essence, it’s all about harnessing the power of nature to rejuvenate and maintain wellness in our bodies.

Cycle Of Regeneration

Did you know that, on average, it takes a mere 186 days for your body to completely regenerate itself from the nourishment you provide it daily? Every six months or so, you have a brand new body, a process that’s been ongoing since your birth and will continue until your last breath. The food you choose to consume holds the key to your well-being, potentially keeping you healthy throughout your life.

As humans, we sometimes find ourselves experimenting with foods we adore, becoming addicted to those that don’t serve our well-being. Why is that? Often, it boils down to three factors: addictions, taste preferences, and misinformation. The good news is that you have the power to regain control of your well-being. Everything about us begins in our gut, and to effect change in our health, we must change not only our mindset but also our gut health – achieved through our dietary choices.

Transforming Gut Health Naturally

If you’re grappling with poor health, consider incorporating fermented cabbage, known as sauerkraut, into your diet. It’s remarkably easy to make with just cabbage and salt. The ideal ratio is 2% salt to the amount of finely chopped cabbage you have, e.g., 1 kg of cabbage requires 20 grams of salt. Knead the cabbage with salt until it releases its liquids, then place it in a glass jar, ensuring the liquid covers the cabbage solids. Allow it to ferment for about two weeks, occasionally burping the jar by opening the lid to release gas. Another tip for enhancing gut health naturally is to enjoy full-fat yogurt. Consuming both sauerkraut and full-fat yogurt simultaneously is like supercharging your gut health. A single tablespoon of each before a meal is all you need.

The Benefits Of Natural Health

The journey to natural health can vary in ease and urgency. Some embark on it driven by a “do or die” necessity, while others seek to alleviate minor discomforts, shed extra pounds, or generally feel better. Progress in natural health, like most endeavors, is gradual. Tracking the foods you consume and their impact on your well-being is vital. Transitioning from an unhealthy gut microbiome to a healthy one can occur in as little as two to four days. However, maintaining this newfound natural health requires vigilance, as it’s easy to slip back into old habits once you’re feeling good again.

Natural Health Insights

When dire health issues arise, we can explore both scientific and metaphysical approaches to understand our bodies better. Metaphysics, a philosophical discipline using broad concepts to define our understanding of reality and its relationship with our bodies, can offer insights. For instance, kidney problems may relate to criticism, disappointment, failure, or shame, indicating a need for self-reflection. Liver issues, linked to primitive emotions like anger or hate, can result from chronic complaining, self-deception, or feeling bad.

Most diseases can be healed by changing your mindset and thinking of “mind over matter.” We possess incredible capabilities, often overshadowed by distractions.

Boosting Immunity Through Natural Health Products

To bolster your immune system naturally, consider incorporating immune-boosting foods into your daily diet. Natural Elixir, in particular, is a fantastic choice – a health tonic suitable for the entire family. It features ingredients like garlic, ginger, lemons, cayenne pepper/black pepper, sea salt, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar, all renowned for their immune-boosting properties.

However, your primary focus should be on consuming a wholesome diet and taking control of your food choices. After all, nourishing your body is an exercise you’ll practice your entire life.


Achieving Natural Health

There’s no magic formula or miracle pill for health, but it’s often more about what you avoid that makes the difference. An immune booster can kickstart your journey to health, and natural, organic foods can aid in healing your body. However, you must also be willing to change your dietary and drinking habits and adopt a positive mindset.

Fasting or intermittent fasting is a powerful tool for a healthy body. It allows your body to reset, eliminate unnecessary substances, and engage in autophagy – the removal of unneeded elements. You can start with small changes, like delaying your first meal each day. Abstaining from C.R.A.P. foods (Carbonated drinks, Refined foods, Artificial foods, Processed anything) is crucial because they promote inflammation, the source of many diseases.

Exercise, rest, grounding, meditation, or prayer all play vital roles in natural health. Balance among these elements is essential.


In summary, there are multiple paths to naturally heal your body. Make natural health your daily priority, from the moment you wake up to the time you retire. Planning and consistent effort will lead you to a naturally healthy body.

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