Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are the pink salt rocks enlightened by electric bulbs to make your evenings and nights shiny and relaxed. People’s opinions about these lamps are;

  • Himalayan lamps have a healing effect on our health.
  • They give us relaxing sleep, change our mood swings
  • Provide us assistance by improving our breath.
  • These lamps change the temperature around us and make us feel better in the surrounding air.
Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Evidence of Health Benefits

The improvement in health due to Himalayan salt lamps has a shred of evidence. This is because of the presence of enough negative ions around the salt rocks that cast a positive impact on your health and generate negative ions in the air and makes the air purifier. Moreover, Himalayan salt lamps are the decorative part of your house. In this respect, it becomes a beautiful health gadget.

Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps

 Everything in this world is not unique. Some are natural and some are fake. The difference between natural and fake things is determined by some logic and the quality of the product. Same the point is here with Himalayan Salt Lamps. There are a variety of fake salt lamps that have been sold all over the world. People are not able to find the difference between genuine and fake salt lamps.

How Can You Determine That Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Real or Fake?

Some facts help you to test the reality of the Himalayan salt lamps. These facts are given below;

Not Mined From Khewra Salt Mines

The foremost fact to detect the difference between real and fake Himalayan salt lamps is that the real Himalayan salt crystals are mined from the Khewra salt mines located on the corner of the Himalayas Mountains of northern areas of Punjab Pakistan. If you think your salt lamp is not real then observe this fact. The fake Himalayan salt is not originated from Khewra miles.

Color Difference

The color of the real Himalayan salt lamp is pinkish white with a darker red fellowship and has a shape not similar to a lamp. The fake Himalayan salt has a light pink and darker orange color and is structured just like a lamp. It is too light when lit.

If you observe that your Himalayan salt lamp has a white/greyish crystal and is not much costly then your lamp is fake. This is because the real Himalayan salt crystal has a white reddish crystalline surface that is too much expensive.

Fake Salt Lamp

Fake Salt Lamp

Fake Himalayan Salt is Extra Bright

If your lamp has a bright color that enlightens your full room and produces enough heat when lit. This is the sign of a fake Himalayan salt lamp. The fake lamp is small in size but extra bright when turns on.

Fake Salt Lamps Are Not Sweaty

The real Himalayan salt lamp has a wet surface because it absorbs moisture from the air and gets sweaty. If your salt lamp does not perform the hygroscopy process so your salt lamp is not real.

Hardly Breakable

The most important sign to recognize the fake salt lamp is that it is hard in texture and cannot be broken easily by a light shock. Real lamps are more fragile and easily broken. If this sign detects, your salt lamp is fake.

No Sign of Improving Health

With the presence of a fake Himalayan salt lamp in your room, you will not observe any health change in you. Because the quality and the material are not genuine. This is also the sign of fake Salt lamps.

How to purchase the real Himalayan salt lamp?

Some aspects help you to buy a genuine Himalayan salt lamp. These facts are;

  • You should keep in mind the real color of Himalayan salt. It is white to pinkish-orange.
  • Keep in mind the original shapes of the crystalline lamps. They have a rough surface and they can’t get fine finishing.
  • The real Himalayan salt lamps are weighted and have the excellent moisture-absorbing quality. The more they weighted the more they are useful.
  • The quality of real Himalayan salt lamps is good and complaint-free because they have real salt rocks. The sellers give a long time warranty on real Himalayan salt lamps.

You may purchase real Himalayan Salt Lamp here.

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