Himalayan salt is an ancient salt and It is used for medical motives for centuries. Origin of Himalayan is originally located and mined in Pakistan. There are a lot of countries that claim its origination but those claims and their products are fake, Himalayan salt originated only in Pakistan. At first, Pakistan used to export raw salt to India and they used to use their own packaging due to which many people think that Himalayan salt is also present in India but now Pakistan has blocked its export. Himalayan salt is the rock salt used in different fields like cosmetics, baking, cooking, medical, and therapeutic. This article will provide you with more knowledge about Himalayan salt.

Origin of Himalayan Pink Salt

The pink salt crystals come from an area that oceanographers said that it could be 800 years old. The main origin of the Himalayan salt is from the region of Pakistan (northern Punjab), the Khewra salt mine, which is a huge source of the extraction of salts. The salt was present in the rocks of the Khewra mines. It is the second large and past coal mine in the world. The salt was preserved during this time because it is buried in the snow and rocks, so it is safe from the pollutants.

Himalayan salts are salt crystals that came from the seabed. The salt is granulated and contains many microelements. Himalayan salt is enriched with pink crystals and is a definitive source from cooking to spa assistance for people. Its lamps are also in production and are used for the treatment of different health and mood terminologies. The main source of this salt is only from Pakistan. Other countries introduce fake salt crystals.

Mining of Himalayan Salt

Mining Himalayan salt is not an easy task and it is also not today’s development it is present underneath for years. It is a natural blessing used in our diet and the chemical industry. The most first extraction of the Himalayan salt is by Dr H Warth. He is a mining engineer and constructed a tunnel in 1872 at ground level. From here the mine was taken place by PMDC. Many industries are working on the improvement of salt to make it useful in different fields. Mining of Himalayan salt is done by the workers manually and a lot of workers travel deep into the mines to collect the salt blocks and then load those blocks on trucks and transfer them to the factories where those blocks are turned into fine salt and many other forms. Its pinkish colour and best structure make it different from other salts.

Colour of Himalayan salt

The benefits of salt make it different from other minerals, but the colour attracts attention. Its colour is pink due to trace minerals. The purpose of the colour present in it is the presence of iron, magnesium, calcium, sulfate, chromium and pink salt crystals.

Which are the purposes important in the use of Himalayan salts?

The two main purposes rise here in the use of Himalayan salt. These are;

Use Of Himalayan Salt In The Kitchen

Himalayan salt is used in the kitchen as table salt as the minerals of the pink salt has a high potential as compared to the common salt. The pinkish colour adds beauty to your foods and it became the purpose of cooking art for the Chefs. It is also known as a spice in ancient times as it doubles the taste of your cooking and increases the quality of taste to a delicious level.

Himalayan salt uses in the medical

The medical history proves that Himalayan salt is beneficial in every way for your health as it manages the water level of your body and lessens bone problems. It also decreases the wrinkles on your skin and reduces the pain from anywhere in your body. It works as a healing agent on burnt skin. It is helpful by providing you with comfortable sleep and relaxing your mind. Additionally, it has more impacts on your health related to medical.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question#1 where does Himalayan salt comes from? 

Answer: Himalayan salt comes from the process of extraction of the salt crystals in Khewra mines of northern Punjab Pakistan, where the salt is buried under the rocks and snow.

Question#2 why do they call it Himalayan salt? 

Answer: it sounds like Himalayan salt because it comes from the Himalayas Mountain of Punjab.

Question#3 which salt is better pink or sea? 

Answer: pink salt is better than sea salt because it contains more minerals than sea salt. It is indeed that the salt is mined from the ocean floor but in Himalayan salts, iron, magnesium, and calcium is present in large quantity

 why is pink salt better? 

Answer: pink salt has cool benefits than any other salt and it is useful in the treatment of health diseases and better tastemaker for cooking purposes. That’s why pink salt is much better and more beneficial than other salts.


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